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Thinking of moving to cloud based services and solutions? With more than 20 years experience in Network and Internet based Services, we can provide you with the right solution that will fit your companies requirements. Whether you want to migrate from running your own mail server to to move your DNS to a more stable platform, we can give you the guidance and direction you require. Moving to cloud based services, will free up the resources on your IT department so that they can focus on more important tasks, so your employees stay productive.

List of our Network Managed Cloud Services

  • Google Apps for Work / Business
  • Microsoft Office 365 Hosting
  • Canadian Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Advanced DNS Services with IPAnycast + Technology
  • Datacenter Management and Support
  • E-mail Hosting Support
  • Website Hosting, Website Transfer and Co-Location Support
  • Network Diagnostics
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Network Security, Firewall Protection and Perimeter Security
  • Server Management and Implementation
  • Application Support
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Wordpress Hosting
  • Joomla Hosting
  • dJango Hosting
  • Linux and FreeBSD Support

IT / Computer / Network Consulting Rates.

  • We have retired and no longer offer consulting services. We now only offer online media content.
Clustered Networks - Microsoft Certified Professional

Why Clustered Networks

Located on Vancouver Island BC Canada, Clustered Networks has been in business since 2001 and has offered Network / Internet and IT Consulting services for over 30 years.