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Google's Gmail is no doubt one of the most popular email systems in the world known for it's reliability, portability and security. However, if you are running a business with your own unique domain name, you will likely want your email addresses to be, [email protected]. Google has created a system to allow business owners to do exactly this through it's "Google Apps or now... Google Workspace." Clustered Networks can assist you in getting this amazing service.We have been using it for nearly 10 years now and feel every company should. Many of the email services that come bundled with Web hosting are lacking in features. Thus, using Gmail is typically an upgrade from the default email service provided by your current host, including more options and more storage space.

Features and Benefits of Google Workspace

  • - Business Email Address (Gmail)
  • - Most Reliable Email Platform in the World
  • - Email on mobile devices
  • - Build customer trust with professional email addresses
  • - 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • - Spam Protection (No need for a third party spam filter)
  • - Automatic backups
  • - 24/7 support, 30GB of storage, and more.
  • - Awesome Web Interface.
  • - Your Email Syncs on All Devices.

Included Google Applications

  • - Domain based Gmail
  • - Google Meet (up to 100 participants)
  • - Google Chat
  • - Google Drive
  • - Google Calendar
  • - Google Docs
  • - Google Sheets
  • - Google Slides
  • - Google Forms
  • - Google Sites
  • - and more....

Count on Google’s ultra-reliable servers to keep your lights on 24/7/365. Automatic backups, spam protection and industry-leading security measures help protect your business data.

Clustered Networks Role

We have been using Google Workspace (GSuite / Google Apps) for nearly 20 years, and are extremely familiar with how simple it is to use. If you purchase a hosting package with us we can help you setup Gmail for Work at no charge.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Paid Gmail features include: custom email (@yourcompany.com), unlimited group email addresses, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, twice the storage of personal Gmail, zero ads, Outlook, and more.
Yes. A user can have multiple email addresses by creating email aliases. You can add up to 30 email aliases for each user.
Yes. Migration tools are available for importing your old emails from legacy environments such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft.

Click here for a free Google Workspace Trial

Why Clustered Networks

Located in Nanaimo BC Canada, Clustered Networks was Incorporated in 2001 and has offered Network / Internet and IT Consulting services for over 20 years. We offer personalized service!