Best List of Public DNS Servers

Today there are many choices you can use for resolving your DNS Queries. Generally your ISP will provide you with their DNS servers which offer little to no protection against malware or other phishing scams. These are a few DNS servers we recommend at Clustered Networks. We rate them from the TOP of the list being the best. Enjoy!

Recommended List of Free & Public DNS Servers
Provider Primary DNS (IPv4) Secondary DNS (IPv4)
Cloudflare for Families
Alternate DNS
AdGuard DNS
Comodo Secure DNS
CenturyLink (Level3)
Yandex DNS
Uncensored DNS
Freenom DNS
Hurricane Electric DNS
Neustar DNS
Fourth Estate


Today you need to protect your Network from malware and phishing scams, whether it is a home or office network. We at Clustered Networks recommend using some sort of "Clean" DNS that is really a first defence in the protection of the computers and devices on your network. If you require help in some consulting in this regard we would be more than happy to evaluate your network.

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