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There are many reasons why the largest tech companies like Google, Amazon, Intuit use Linux and Open Source technologies within their organizations. The advantages to using Linux as a secure, cost-effective tool to grow your business can benefit you as well. But for those who are unfamiliar with this alternative operating system for desktops and servers , making the transition can be a daunting task. Who can you trust to help you make the switch to Linux?

Whether you want to host a web server, create a secure file server, host a web or mobile application, manage a large database, or just reduce maintenance and associated costs, Clustered Networks can create and implement the most appropriate solution for you. Working with your office, we can maximize performance and security, while minimizing your costs.

We’ll start by getting to know your business goals, and understand where you want to go. From there, we’ll work with you to create a plan that will fit your requirements , and see it through from start to finish. We will ensure that your system is maintained at peak performance.

Our Linux Consulting Services include:

Windows to Linux Migrations:

Whether you’re completely replacing Windows on both Desktop(s) and Server(s), or simply moving your files to a more stable Linux file server, Clustered Networks can make the move easy for your business.

Linux Server Setup and Support:

Get the speed and security of the world’s most popular web server. Clustered Networks can install and setup your Apache Web Server and keep it functioning properly with regular monitoring and maintenance.

Database Servers:

Get the speed and reliability of the MySQL database servers, or move to a newer NoSQL platform to reduce your business technology costs.

Regular maintenance, updates and patches:

Our commitment to you doesn't end once your Linux setup is installed. Clustered Networks will keep your server up to date running at it’s best with regular maintenance and patching!

IT / Computer / Network Consulting Rates.

  • We have retired and no longer offer consulting services. We now only offer online media content.
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At Clustered Networks, we have been using Linux on both the Desktop, and on our Servers since we opened our office in 2001! Why? Because it works! Give us a call and we will explain how Linux will benefit your office!

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Located on Vancouver Island BC Canada, Clustered Networks has been in business since 2001 and has offered Network / Internet and IT Consulting services for over 30 years.