Why you should setup DMARC right now!

The proper implementation of DMARC is a very important as it can be used to make your email flow better, give you the reports you require, and to provide you with better security. It is a necessity today for a number of reasons. If you have not implemented it yet, you should.

  • Security. Prevent unauthorized use of your domain to protect yourself and others from spam, fraud, and phishing.
  • Visibility. Gain visibility into how your messages are being sent and if they are passing DKIM and SPF requirements and aligned properly.
  • Delivery. By authenticating emails that you send, they are easily identified as being trustworthy and get delivered to the desired inbox. Therefore receivers build trust in your domain.
  • Identity. Identify if there is anyone trying to fraudulently use your domain or if any hackers are trying to compromise your domains integrity via fraudulent email(s).


Without DMARC enabled (with the p=reject) someone could easily compose an email and have it appear it is originating from your domain (e.g [email protected]). This is referred to as "spoofing". Suppose someone were to send an email to one of your clients with an invoice that appears to come from your domain. This has happened! Organizations have paid or thousands of dollars in error to a fraudster! When DMARC is properly configured, in effect tells other mail servers to "reject" the message that does not pass the DKIM and SPF criteria for your domain.


Knowing how many email messages you send on behalf of your domain is a good thing to know. As well, viewing your demarc reports will provide you with insight as to how your email is flowing and whether messages are being delivered in full or partial compliance.

Dmarcly.com - Our recommended DMARC reporting site.


DMARC reports allow to now how many messages are being sent and how many are passing the DKIM and SPF credentials that you have in your DNS records. As well DMARC reports tell you if they are aligning properly and allows you to make adjustments so your email will be delivered properly. We see a lot of organizations say "my customers tell me my email is getting caught in their spam folder". With DMARC reports you will know if your email is be sent in full or partial alignment.


DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is an email authentication protocol. It is designed to give email domain owners the ability to protect their domain from unauthorized use, commonly known as email spoofing. The goal of DMARC is to build on this system of senders and receivers collaborating to improve mail authentication practices of senders and enable receivers to reject unauthenticated messages.


DMARC is designed to fit into an organization’s existing inbound email authentication process. The way it works is to help email receivers determine if the purported message “aligns” with what the receiver knows about the sender. DMARC is fairly easy to implement and we at Clustered Networks have setup a number of organizations to assist them not only with the security or DMARC but also to help them with their email flow and deliverablity.

Setting up DMARC properly is very cost effective. It generally only takes a few hours of consulting and will provide you with better email deliverability as well as security. Check out our Email Deliverability and Security Rates

Be sure to read our DMARC Deployment Guide - https://www.clusterednetworks.com/blog/post/dmarc-deployment-guide

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