Automate OctoberCMS Updates with a Script

This tutorial will show you how to Update one or multiple OctoberCMS Websites on a server with an automated bash / shell script. October CMS is one of the best CMS's on the market today as it is based on PHP and Laravel. If you are a web designer and host your sites on a VPS server such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Linode this script will make your life much easier.

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The OCTOBER_CMS_UPDATE script is hosted on our Clustered Networks github page and is free to download, use and modify to your needs and requirements.

OctoberCMS Auto Update (Bash) Script by Performs an automatic update of your OctoberCMS Websites on a server. Simply modify, add or remove the proper paths and lines to the script with the path(s) to your website(s) on your server. make the script executable (chmod +x) and run a cronjob


  1. Pull up a terminal or SSH into the target server.

  2. Logon as root

sudo -i
  1. Download the installer script.
  1. Edit the configuration options at the beginning of the script to match your environment prior to executing.
PHP_UPDATE='artisan october:update'
  1. Make the script executable
chmod +x
  1. Run the script to ensure there are no errors.
  1. Setup a cronjob to run daily or weekly (this example cronjob will run every friday at 23:00 hours )
0 23 * * 5 /etc/ >/dev/null 2>&1

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