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Fix Common Printer Problems

I must have heard this a million times! I cannot print! This video and blog article will show you to to fix a few of the most common solutions to one of the most common tech support questions. Finding the Printer! Two of the most common problems users have difficulty printing are that...

  • (1) your printer is set for DHCP and uses a dynamic IP address, and
  • (2) your printer is set to use WIFI rather than a hardwire ethernet cable.

Setup your Printer with a Static IP

Setting up your printer with a static IP means that it will not be in the DHCP scope of your network. Your Gateway Router's IP never changes it is usually something like and is always the same. You should apply the same principle to your printers, Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS) and other servers that are turned on all the time.

If you have your printer set to DHCP, that means if you turn your printer off, such as when you change your toner or drum, when you turn your printer back on it COULD get a different IP address from the DHCP server (Usually your Router). All of the computers on the network try to print but cannot find the printer because it changed it's IP address. To alieviate this give your printer a static IP Address.

A Sample of the Small Office Network Plan would look like this.

  • - Gateway Router
  • - Managed Network Switch
  • - NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • - HP Laser Printer
  • - Lexmark Printer
  • - DHCP Scope for Computer Desktops / Workstations

By planning your network as above, the devices that remain connected all time will always be accessible at the static IP's assigned. They never change. The next time you do maintenance on one of your printers or servers they will always come back at the properly assigned static IP address, ensuring your users will be able to connect properly.

Disable WiFi, Connect with an Ethernet Cable.

Wifi is notorius for being really not that reliable. Have you ever gone into a server room and seen all of the servers connected with Wifi? Never! They all connect with an Ethernet cable. There is a reason for that. Ethernet is much more reliable than wifi. Also, connecting with Ethernet gives you a "Full Duplex" connection. Wifi is only "Half-Duplex". Wifi can also be effected by other radio waves in your environment as it travels over radio waves at different frequency levels. Wifi is also easier to be compromised, thus exposing your printer to be hacked. An Ethernet connection on the other hand is much more secure as it can only be hacked if someone gets physical access to the wiring in your office.

Setting up Devices with static IP's

Setting up static IP's can be different for each device. Most Routers allow you to be able to set static IP's by mapping the devices MAC address to a specific IP. Also, most printers have a web interface that you can log into to change the printer from a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to a Static IP. At the same time, it would be good to disable your Wifi for security reasons as mentioned above.

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