Submit your Sitemap with a Script


This shell script will submit your sitemap files to google and bing search engines on a regular basis simply edit the urls you wish to submit and setup a cronjob to submit daily or weekly as required. For more information visit


  1. Pull up a terminal or SSH into the target server.

  2. Logon as root

sudo -i

  1. Download the script.


  1. Edit the url to your sitemap you wish to submit to google to match your environment.

    wget -O-
  2. BING requires you to encode the url you submit to them using a URL encoding tool (see ) you will have to use the encoder to obtain the proper URL you submit to BING. In my case it was as follows

    wget -O-
  3. Save the file

  4. Make the script executable

chmod +x

  1. Run the script.


  1. Setup a cronjob to run the script daily/weekly if you choose.
    1 1   * * * /etc/ >/dev/null 2>&1

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