Print without a Printer

Today more and more people are working from home and do not have access to the Printers and Copiers that they once had at their disposal when working in the office. I have a Black and White Laser printer at home but required a few pages printed in color. I thought I would check out some of the online printing services in my area. I chose to use Staples Copy and Print Services. The results were excellent and the following video will describe to you just how easy it is to use these printing services.

All I had to do is create an account. Upload the PDF I require to have printed, sellect they type of paper and how many pages to print. The whole process was very easy and the quality was excellent! And did I say CHEAP! Only $0.41 per page in Color on Bright 28lbs stock!

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Posted in Libreoffice Tips, Linux Desktop Tips, Marketing on May 20, 2021