How to Test DNS Server Speed Using Online Tools

Having fast Authoritative DNS servers is very important today. Not only do they help the loading of web pages and make browsing websites faster. But, in addition, every email that gets sent by your domain has to be resolved quickly. In the early days of the internet all a mail server had to do is look for MX records and send the mail. Now a Sending Mail Server has to resolve DKIM, SPF, DMARC and maybe even BIMI records, not to mention checking blacklists. Not only that but EVERY "receiving" email server of your email has to resolve the same info. they check to see if the DKIM keys correct, was the Sender Authorized to send (SPF) and Do we need to report anything (DMARC).

In order to eliminate errors in the DNS for your Domain, you need to host your DNS on a fast Anycast DNS platform. DNSperf has a current listing of the fastest Authoritative DNS server providers.

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