How to Setup Domain Email Forwarding Properly

A lot of small organizations and companies use the free email services of gmail, yahoo or However you should be driving customers to your domain email for a number of reasons. This video and article will show you how to set up domain email forwarding properly, and to still make use of the free email services of your choice.

Benefits of Domain Email Forwarding

  • Easy to create and use. ...
  • Looks more professional than using a account
  • Drives your customers to your domain (website etc.)
  • Change your email provider or ISP without having to change email address
  • Keeps the service and webmail you like and know
  • Much easier to manage one email account rather than multiple domain accounts.

Best Email Forwarding Service

There are a lot of email forwarding services out there. I am sure they all offer the same or similar options. We like to recommend Cloudflare as is is one of the largest organizations on the internet that offer unmatched security and a wide variety of Internet services. Cloudflare's Email forwarding service is called "Cloudflare Email Routing" and it is part of the Free Services they offer. If you do not want to pay for Google Workspace or Office 365 services, and are looking for a alternative option, Cloudflare's email routing service and should be considered.

Today businesses want to have different email addresses for different types of inquiries, such as sales and support, but often find it cumbersome to control who receives these emails. And as the business evolves, matters that were handled by the owner often need to be handed off to other people. But for small businesses it’s not usually straightforward to configure mailboxes and aliases. Cloudflare's Email Routing service makes this seemless and easy.

A sample domain email forwarding setup.

Cloudflare Email Routing (Domain Email Forwarding)

Setting up a "Reply to" Option

Once you get your domain forwarding service setup you are going to want to change your "reply to" option in your , or the email account you are forwarding to. Following are a number of links to various email providers as to how you can change your "reply to" option. As you send out email from your free email service you are in effect asking the people you send to, to reply to your domain email account ([email protected]).

Yahoo Change Reply to Address

Google Change Reply to Address


Setting up Domain Email Forwarding is really quite simple. Once you set it up properly it will provide you with a really inexpensive way to increase your organization or company presence. Cloudflare Email Routing is designed to simplify the way you create and manage email addresses, without needing to keep an eye on additional mailboxes.

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