How To Monitor your Cronjobs

You've just written an awesome script! Now you want to setup a cronjob. How do you determine if the script is running each day / week / month or on schedule? This video will show you how to monitor your cronjobs to ensure that they are running on time and on schedule.

We use for our Simple and Effective Cron Job Monitoring. They notify you when your nightly backups, weekly reports, cron jobs, and scheduled tasks don't run on time. can help you:

  • Have A list of your checks, one for each Cron job, daemon or scheduled task you want to monitor.
  • Give names and assign tags to your checks to easily recognize them later.
  • Tap on the integration icons to toggle them on and off.
  • Adjust Period and Grace time to match the periodicity and duration of your tasks.

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Posted in Linux Network Admin Tips, Tech How To on Mar 16, 2021