Checking your Domain Reputation

If you own your own business or Organization you probably have an Internet Domain registered such as we do at Checking your Domain's reputation is very important as it effects your e-mail flow (both sending and receiving), and also how individuals find your organization via search engines such as google, bing etc..

Why your Domain Reputation is important

At one time most organizations hosted their own mail server and had somewhat control over how they sent email, and usually checked whether they were listed on a RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) or not. Now most organizations have moved their mail servers offsite and now have their email hosted with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or some other hosting platform. Your Domain's Reputation is still very important as you are now sending email over an IP shared with other senders. Now that we see greater implementation of IPv6, we are seeing an increase in how email reputation by various mail servers is calculated.

Now more than ever, domain reputation is a significant factor in email deliverability. Therefore you still need to maintain a good domain reputation or the email you are sending or receiving may be found in your spam folder or your recipients spam folders.

How is Domain Reputation calculated?

To determine domain reputation, email servers around the world keep track of every way your domain is used in a message. This is calculated by how your MX, DKIM, SPF and DMARC are setup, among other content (even the content of the message itself). Based on this data, major Internet Providers use complex algorithms to ultimately “score” your domain (such as a spamassasin score), even whether your have your MX, DKIM, SPF and DMARC setup and configured properly. The better your domain reputation is, the less likely your email messages will end up rejected or in a spam folder.

How to Check your Domain Reputation?

Following are a list of tools we use at Clustered Networks to Check the Reputation of a Domain.

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