10 Reasons to Switch to Linux

Linux has really evolved over the years. At Clustered Networks we have been using Linux on the Desktop for well over 15 years now, and for the few times I have to use Microsoft (due to customers request), I must say that Windows is very frustrating. These are 10 reasons I suggest switching to Linux on the Desktop.

1. No More Annoying Popups

I cannot understand why Microsoft gives you all of those annoying popups asking "are you sure" and giving you suggestions that are not relevent etc. I know you can disable the notifications, but why are they there in the first place. Linux does not do that. Linux is simply a computer to use and help you increase productivity. You tell it what you want it to do.

2. Price

Linux is free. I must say that it is really nice not to worry about licensing. It doesn't expire, upgrade to a newer version when you like, and when you do decide to upgrade, you don't have to pay for it.

3. Security

Linux is by far the most secure operating system out of the box. Microsoft is plagued with Virus' , Malware and a magnet for Ransomware. When using Microsoft products you are almost affaid to click on an email or reply to anyone, without first doing your security checks. As well good Anti-virus software usually costs hundreds of dollars. With Linux you don't worry about any of that.

4. Easy to Use

Linux in the past was complicated and usually required tweaking to "make it work". The newest Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop environment is simply the easiest Desktop to use use so far. In our opinion, it is even easier than Windows or Mac. Be sure to watch my youtube video giving you an overview of Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Desktop.

5. Compatibility

Linux will install on just about any hardware. It doesn't require as much horsepower and drive space as Windows, therefore being able to breathe life into some of the older PC's and Laptops you may have laying around. Once you install Linux, it simply detects your hardware and installs the proper drivers automatically, in most cases, it even better and faster than Windows.

6. Drivers

Most hardware manufacturers have drivers for Linux. From USB cameras and microphones to printers and other peripherals, simply plug them in and they work!

7. Software Repository

The debian software repository is massive. You will never have to pay for third party software again. Whatever you want, you simply search and install.... Debian based Linux's support APT, SNAP and Flatpak software repositories. From Browsers, to Office Productivity Tools, System Utilities, , Photo and Video programs, Linux has it all.

8. Easy Updates

Updates are a breeze with Linux. Manual or Automatic, it's up to you. And they work, without crashing your system!

9 Availability

You can get linux anywhere you have an Internet connection. Simply download the flavor or distribution of your choice and put it on a CD, DVD or USB stick and install it. Not need to register, pay or give up your firstborn!

10. It Just Works!

Since we have moved to Linux on the Desktop, our productivity has gone up. Almost never have to worry about Crashes, Software Glitches or incompatibilties. This means you have more time to get your work done.

Posted in Linux Desktop Tips, Linux Network Admin Tips, Network Security Tips on Jun 30, 2020