Business Email vs Free Email, Cloud Services

There are several reasons why you should stop using free email addresses for your business. Using free email addresses, such as gmail / hotmail or "you @", could position your business as spam and give potential customers the view that your business is not properly established or credible.

Think of your favorite sites like Apple, Microsoft or any other credible business. Do they use free email addresses to communicate with their customers? Your right.... "bill.gates @" just doesn't cut it! The reason why most of them don’t is because having a professional email address helps businesses have a professional appearance and outlook, not to mention security and control over employees.

With free email addresses, it is often difficult to get an email address relevant to your website. With your own custom emails, you can create a business email address for yourself. This is an effective way of branding yourself and your business and would make your email address more memorable to your clients.

Many organizations also block free email accounts so as to prevent viruses and spam. And, one of the most important aspects of having an email address is so that people will receive and read the emails you send. Having a custom email account reduces your risk and lowers your cost as a credible business, since the goal is to have customers and prospects read your emails, communicate with you and purchase.

Another important reason for setting up customized email addresses for your business is the flexibility it gives you. For instance, when selecting your custom email address, you can select email aliases for various departments such as [email protected] or [email protected]

Also, a custom email address has a very low overhead. The cost to your company is only a few dollars per month.


  • Look Professional
  • Increase Corporate Image
  • More Security over Employee's
  • Flexibility to add alias's - info@ / sales@ / support@ etc.
  • Very Little Cost
At Clustered Networks we specialize in making businesses look and conduct business in a professional manner. There is no reason for you to know about DKIM keys, SPF (sender policy framework), MX (Mail Exchange DNS Records) or any other technical details that go along with domain email. We simply make it work for you!

To learn more, simply send us an email or give us a call at 780-220-7662.

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