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Clustered Networks offers consulting to Loadbalanced Services. Are you finding your single server overloaded? Maybe you would like more redundancy? We can help!

At Clustered Network our system begins with Anycast DNS solution, combined with a Cloud based Anycast Load Balancer. Then we have networks setup in both Toronto and New York. If a webserver goes down for some reason , or goes off line for maintenance our Cloud based Load Balancers automatically route all traffic to the server that is online and healthy. This virtually eliminates downtime.

ClusteredNetworks.com - Load Balancing Cloud Services
Clustered Networks has assisted a number of Small Web Design / Hosting companies to migrate their single server Hosting to a more stable and faster Anycast environment. This enables their customers to enjoy faster response, as well as DDOS protection.

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  • We have retired and no longer offer consulting services. We now only offer online media content.
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Located on Vancouver Island BC Canada, Clustered Networks has been in business since 2001 and has offered Network / Internet and IT Consulting services for over 30 years.